With the new video indoor station and other security systems, TCS now offers functionality and comfort that goes beyond simple door communication. In addition to web-based applications and door communication functionalities, storing and playing various file formats (audio, video, pictures) is also supported by its products. The system variant of the indoor station has further been fitted with functions for alerting and home automation.
With every single component being man-made, MBL is the leading Germany based provider of unique high end audio. The company helps its customers encounter new worlds of sound in unimagined pureness and precision, without any compromise. The company is known to entertain the ears, by making it experience the unexperienced.
Whether for apple lightning, micro – USB, USB – A 2.0, you can choose your connector with a simple turn. This uniDock from iRoom combines all charging connectors in one amazing product and eliminates the need of any charging cable. With its unique and discreet design, uniDock integrates perfectly into style. Your gadget will be fully charged for your daily challenges.

iRoom’s iBezel combines the most elegant and motorized iPad in-wall charging station while simultaneously controls all your favourite home automation applications through a simple touch on the device. With the iBezel, which comes with full installation flexibility, your gadget is always charged and safely stored at the same point of time.

Loewe is known for its groundbreaking innovations, which have been consistently celebrated as technological milestones. This quality and innovation is ensured only because product development and manufacturing processes work hand-in- hand. All Loewe Flat-TVs – being fully committed to the Kronach site, are developed and manufactured in Germany – from the first design draft to the finished product.
When is use, works as a television and when not in use, serves as a mirror. Agath, presents to you a wide array of personalized mirror televisions designed with high quality displays and premium mirrors, customised according to your needs and preferences.
Believe your ears and experience the most crisp sound from the Swiss based company – Revox. Automate these glass finished audio and video systems with your home control – thus making it a smart home !
Live the ultimate experience with us.

With 4 international design awards, Berker KNX Touch Sensor R1/R3 represents a truly German technology and superlative global design. With its feather touch experience, one would love to have it on the wall as a signature of modern lifestyle and smart control.

With the new Berker TS Sensor you can experience a whole new world of switching. A gentle touch of the finger on its glass surface is all it takes to operate lights, blinds, shutters and much more. It thus becomes a haptic experience par excellence.
Berker TS Crystal and TS Crystal Ball have inspired awe and desire for thousands of years. Designers price it as one of the most fascinating substance known to man. It is an extraordinary switch made from an exquisite material: Swarovski.
Berker B.IQ combines creativity with intelligent technology. Its push-button, which has received several design awards, allows combining multiple KNX functional elements for easy control of intelligen buildings.

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